Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Halloween Tulle Wreath

I got into the spirit of Halloween and made this tulle wreath weeks ago.  I'm sort of a slacker lately, since I'm just now getting around to posting it.  There has been a lot of these done this year and there are probably a bunch of tutorials already done, so I'm just posting the pictures! 

I used 4 different colors of fall inspired/Halloween tulle, 2 of which were of the shimmery variety; I tied them around an embroidery hoop I got from the thrift store.

The Happy Halloween sign is from Dollar Tree.  I had this on my front door, but woke up to it blown away one morning.  The wind is fierce where I live!  Soooo, it got moved inside.  I wish I would have moved my pumpkins inside too, they got taken weeks ago by some hooligans and smashed on the street when we were out of town.  Why do kids feel the need to annihilate and destroy things?  I'm still perturbed about it, can you tell?


  1. How darling! i love your blog and the cute name apothecary phoenix!

  2. There's a ghost in the walls and his name is compound pharmacy phoenix. He haunts your every blog post and give you the shivers. There's no exorcising this little fella!


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