Friday, October 28, 2011


So, I don't know what's come over me, but the last few days I have been cleaning and organizing some much needed areas.  Seriously.  I don't know how they got so messy!  The 3 areas I have gone through so far are:

1}  Pantry
2}  Car
3}  Laundry Room

I CANNOT believe that I. didn't. take. ANY. pictures.  You know when you're strictly in the mood to just work and don't think about anything else?  That was me.  I had had the last straw with my pantry.  There were things that didn't belong.  There was expired food.  There was chaos.  I couldn't find anything!  It is so great to open it now and know exactly where everything is.  It is no Shelly Smith pantry, but it works for this rented house that we won't be in much longer.  My daughter even has room to play in there now.  It is her favorite place to hide.

My car had also reached my last nerve.  My problem, I found, is that I always take things to the car; ie, jackets, books, toys, water bottles...but then I NEVER bring them inside!  Thus, the pileup and mounds of things I had to put away.  Not to mention trash that collects.  So, after spending 2 hours cleaning (even the center console!), vacuuming, dusting & wiping, my car is immaculate!  My new goal is to empty the car out every time I get home so it doesn't pile up again.  Do you have any secrets for keeping your car clean?

I don't really enjoy doing laundry.  I'm sure it doesn't help that my laundry room is also a collect-all place for junk.  Not anymore!  I got rid of a lot of junk/trash that I had no idea why it was in there.  I also keep all of our medicine in the laundry room.  There isn't enough space in my kitchen, and I know enough about it to not keep it in the bathrooms. ;) I have extra shelf room, and it's nice and cool, so I figured the laundry room would be perfect.  (Although, my parents didn't think so when they were watching my daughter for me at my house and she accidentally ate something with peanuts in it and had an allergic reaction.  They couldn't find the Benedryl anywhere so they rushed out to buy they know.)
I organized the meds into shoe boxes for now, getting rid of the expired ones and separating it out into different categories like children's, cough/cold, etc. 

I love an organized space!  It's so much easier to think. and breathe.  and be inspired.

I still have many areas to tackle.  Maybe I'll remember to take a picture...

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