Monday, August 1, 2011

Side Table Save

This side table is one of my great Craigslist finds before moving from Las Vegas.
I bought it because I fell in love with the detailed scroll carvings; however, the green/gold just wasn't me.
Here's some before pictures:
 Look at the details!
 The handles on this piece were the same greeny-gold color.
Sorry, no picture.
There was glass built in over the top.
It was somewhat scary to get it out.  We had to break it (my best friend ended up smashing it with a hammer)
Then we carefully took all the pieces out.
I think there was only one minor cut in the process (my friend's finger)
I took the hose on the vacuum and sucked all the remaining little tiny pieces of glass out of the nooks and crannies. 

I debated FOREVER about what color to paint this and whether to keep it 2-toned.
I finally decided on a classic white all over.

Since this piece was in great condition, the only prep work I did was:
1) break the glass and remove it
2) remove the handles
3) wipe it down with a damp rag

Normally, I would take off the door and paint it separately...I gave the job to my trusty husband.
Apparently the screws on the door were completely striped, so he got one of the hinges off, but the other one wasn't budging. (that's why the door looks crooked in the pictures, it only has the bottom hinge on)

Seeing as how I wanted to start painting right away, and I had already been so patient {wink, wink}...
I decided to work around the little door problem and just leave it on.

Anywho, after some Kilz primer, a couple coats of spray paint to both the table and hardware, black glaze, Polycrylic, {plus some blood (my friends), sweat, and work}...Behold, the finished product:

I was thinking about getting another piece of glass made to put on the top; but I sort of like it how it is now.


  1. Oh, it's so pretty! I love the antique white look! I am a new follower of your fabulous blog!!

  2. Another gorgeous piece! You are so inspiring!
    Can I ask...what type of polycrylic do you use? Is it a spray? Can you share your method?

  3. Jenna, I use Minwax Polycrylic and paint it on with a good brush. It's water-based and really easy to work with. I've actually never tried the spray polycrylic because the cans last forever! If it's a painted project I usually use polycrylic, it doesn't yellow...if it's a oil-based stained project I use polyurethane. Hope that helps!

  4. oh my gosh- the green was awful! so glad you were able to rescue it and save it form ugliness and make it pretty!

  5. Wow you saved this table from a ugly future! I love it in your room. It's so classy!

  6. That is a great makeover. There is a table exactly like this at my thrift store and now I may just go get it. thanks!!

  7. Wow! Stunning makeover! Love the new colors to really show the DETAILS in the carving! Nice job :)

    Visiting from Fingerprints On The Fridge Linky Party today,
    ~Suzanne in IL

  8. Awesome looking THRIFTY makeover...hop over and show her off at my NIFTY THRIFTY TUESDAY party.


    I’m having an Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Giveaway…hop over and enter…ends at midnight 8/7.


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