{About Me}

My name is Lindsay
I am a Doctor of Pharmacy

I am also:
a wife
a mom
a bargain shopper
a Do-It-Yourself-er
a shoe addict
and a lover of all things chocolate

I used to work full-time in a crazy-busy community pharmacy setting.  
I've since cut back to part-time
which means I get to spend most of my time now with my daughter, Adalyn

This is my adorable, spunky little girl who's almost 2 years old:

I've been married to this good-looking guy since '03:

Seth will be finishing up his final year of school EVER!
He will graduate with his MBA from BYU in 2012
Ever since we've been married, one or both of us has always been in school
we can't wait to be done!!!

Since cutting back my professional career as a pharmacist
I have had time to cultivate another passion I have for decorating my home

If there's one thing that I've learned as a pharmacist, it's that everyone is different;
what works for some, may not work for others

Please join me as I share some of the advice, tips, and remedies I have found that work for my home
and feel free to share your own!


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