Thursday, June 30, 2011

Most people get rid of furniture when they move?

Yes they do.
I, however, am not MOST people

As we were gearing to move from Las Vegas to Utah for my husband to start grad school I started collecting furniture pieces to re-do once we got to our new place

I think my husband thought I was crazy
Yes, he definitely thought I was crazy

I seriously think he was worried about me and didn't think I would ever complete any of these insane ideas that were bursting inside my head

however, he is SO supportive
and let the furniture have his spot in the garage

BEFORE we moved I bought:
2 nightstands (from D.I. thrift store)

1 dresser (from craigslist-$10!)

1 end table (from craigslist)

1 big dresser (from, yep craigslist again)

1 GIANT mirror (from Tuesday Morning-only $10!)
BIG plans for this heavy guy!

{Just to name a FEW}

Our garage was full of furniture 
from people getting rid of furniture because they were moving
and here I was...moving...collecting it!

I'm not going to lie, I did get a little bit worried that I wouldn't be able to complete all these projects

So stay tuned to see if I did!

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