Saturday, July 9, 2011

Curtains and Pillows

Because I decided to paint my TV stand a green apple color (here)
I felt I needed additional color to tie it in and balance it out :)

I chose some coordinating green and white fabrics and a bold colored print from JoAnns.
With the help of my mad-sewing skills mother,
I made some simple curtains to help tie the room together.

I also made some pillow covers.
I love throw pillows!  They add style and flair to the space and totally tie the room together.
And the best part is that they are EASY, CHEAP, and CHANGEABLE anytime!

I actually still need to make more, but here's a sampling:

I realized that this is the only picture I have of the space and it's not the greatest, 
but since I'm in Seattle for the summer, it will have to do for now! 

I LOVE color!
  (I don't so much love the love-sac in the corner though... -sigh-... someday we'll have a man cave/theater room we can stick it in)

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