Friday, July 29, 2011

Pharmacist Recommended :: Pinterest

If you're a reader of any craft/hobby/decorating blogs, I'm sure you've heard of Pinterest.
I really wish I would have thought of the idea, it's brilliant.

There have been so many times where I've been browsing the web and come across a great idea, picture, recipe, inspiration, etc and if I'm too lazy to bookmark it with the hundreds of other bookmarks that I never look at, it gets lost and most of the time, forgotten. {If I don't forget about it, it's nearly impossible to try to locate again and there is much wasted time looking!}

Pinterest is a virtual pinboard, allowing you to "pin" the things you love to one specific place on the web.  You can organize it to different pinboards however you wish.  The best part is, it keeps the original site that the picture came from so you can easily refer back to it, whether it be for the recipe, how-to, printable, tutorial, idea, etc.

You can also view and follow other people's boards and pins; getting inspiration and ideas from what others have already found. 

If you place the "Pin It" button to your toolbar on your browser, you can easily pin anything you want while browsing your favorite blogs, websites, or even shopping!

Warning, this can be addictive...I've stayed up past midnight on more than one occasion...but it's so fun!  I can't wait until I get back to my desktop computer back home so I can put all my "bookmarks" on my pinboards!

Right now it is still an "invite only" website to join.  However, it's very easy to join:
1} You can request an invite from the Pinterest website
2} I can send you an invite, I just need your email!
3} You can visit Beth from Home Stories AtoZ like I did and get access right away by clicking her link.

You won't regret it! Here's just a few of my recent finds on Pinterest:

flip flop hangers, brilliant!
Bored in the bathroom?
Wouldn't it be fun to do this in a friend's bathroom?
I think it'd be a pleasant surprise...

Adorable pillow:

I love this braid, and must try it with my hair:

Adding bookshelves to a dresser:

I'm already thinking about Halloween!
How cute is this?

Pinterest is in no way endorsing or paying me to recommend it.  I just love it, and think you will too! Check it out if you haven't already!

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