Friday, July 22, 2011

I Knew It Would Be Amazing

I was itching.
Itching to go to a thrift-store before we leave our summer abode in Seattle.
Well, I scratched my itch.
Except, you know how most of the time when you scratch something, it usually itches more?!

{speaking of all this itching is reminding me of some of the nasty skin issues people come and show me at the pharmacy, I once got flashed by a lady attempting to show me her "itchy" rash}

Back on track:
It was FAAAABULOUS! {just like I knew it would be}
And remember how I was scared that I would find something great and not be able to take it home?

Well, if there's something about me you should know;
it's that I'm usually right!

This case was no exception! 
Let me show you just 3 things that I couldn't have:

Exhibit A)
 See this chair right here?  This amazing, sturdy chair with such great features?
I about died when I saw the price:
yes, you read that right...
I didn't take a close-up picture so you're just going to have to take my word.

Next up, we have a gorgeous chandelier:
 Okay, it might not be gorgeous to the untamed eye, but I see great possibilities when I look at this!
Have you seen some of the great chandy makeovers out there?
And, the price on this one?
One more thing about me, I love chandeliers.  
Not brass chandeliers, per se.
I dream of having a gorgeous chandelier in my bedroom, daughter's room and yes, even my laundry room.

Next up, this cute glass cake stand:
So pretty. 
I don't think I even own a cake stand, but I think I should start collecting them.

I bet you want to know what thrift store I went to.
You want to go snatch these things up?

Well, I can't hide it any longer...I already snatched one!
I just couldn't contain myself.
Sometimes you just can't pass up something so great.

  (now I just have to figure out how to get it back home...hehe)

I left with perma-grin
I couldn't contain my excitement
I had a fantastic day thrifting!
{So did the girl who found that $3 chair as I was leaving} 

Sometimes when you have an itch, you use Cortisone; 
other times, you go shopping!

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  1. I'll be looking forward to seeing how the chandelier turns out. Then I can steal your idea and do one myself ;) I'm with ya though, I'm dying for one in my office/craft/shamefully crammed with stuff room.


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