Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Biggest Project of my Life

Last winter, I noticed a big cylinder desk with a bookshelf in my grandma's backyard in her semi-covered shed.  I expressed some interest and she was happy to let me have it.  I immediately went over with my dad (in the snow) to collect it.  I wish I would have taken a picture of the desk where it was in the shed.  It was full of junk my grandma's stuff. Dusty, dirty, peeling, cracking finish, weathered and worn out.  This baby was DAMAGED!

It sat in my dad's garage for a few months the rest of the winter and during the summer while I was away.  I have been furiously working on it a couple times each week so I can complete it before winter gets here. 

If the average person would have come across this desk I'm sure they wouldn't give it a second glance.  But this desk has extreme value to me; it is an heirloom and belonged to my great-great-grandfather (at least that's the last person we know it belonged to).  My dad remembers it being in his grandfather's house as a boy and he and his cousin were convinced that it had a secret hidden compartment and always tried to find it.  (We have yet to find one) I don't know who built this desk, but it was done by hand with extreme craftsmanship and building quality.  This baby is a true antique built of pine, square nails and devotion.  Did it come from the 18th century? The 19th century? I so wish that I knew more information about this desk and where it came from or who built it.  Part of me wants to believe that it was my own ancestor that built it by hand and worked on it so feverishly. 

This desk is three separate pieces with a bookcase on top.  Here are some pictures:

Square nail


 Despite how old and haggered this desk is, the slider roll-top is soooo SMOOTH and works so well.

As you can see, I have taken on a HUGE project.  Quite possibly the biggest project of my life.  I doubt I will ever work on anything this old again.  I'm glad I have done other projects to somewhat prepare me for this!  So far, it has been amazing and I have made quite a bit of progress.  I am working on stripping it and sanding it.  The wood grain was actually painted on, so there are layers and layers of paint on this thing!  I plan to stain the desk, possibly a classy, dark walnut; I can't cover up this antique with paint.  Hopefully desk will live on for generations to come and won't need to be refinished ever again!

If you by chance know where I can find more information on this desk, please let me know!  I have spent a lot of time searching and haven't found much. 

More updates to come soon!

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  1. This is truly a beautiful desk (underneath the dust & grime of course). I am definately looking forward to seeing the finished product!


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