Thursday, September 1, 2011

Renovated Bread Box

I like a clean counter.

As a pharmacist I have worked with some messy technicians, and some messy pharmacists. It DRIVES me CRAZY! I like to joke with one of my technicians at work about leaving empty bottles on the counter and always cleaning up after her.  One thing that I am very particular about is keeping order, especially at work. {Have you guessed I'm your typical "type A"}

I try to keep order at home too, although it proves to be a bit more difficult. 1) I'm not getting paid; and 2) I have professional "messer uppers" that live with me.  I'm not one that likes a lot of things or appliances out on the counter.  I feel like it can get cluttered quickly; especially if you have a smaller kitchen. I don't function as well when I don't have space to work. or think.

I'm not saying I'm clutter free, because I'm far from it.  It's something I fight with every. single. day. just like everyone else.  I like to hide clutter/things/necessities as much as I can with something that is functional and pretty.

I'm not saying bread is clutter, but I do like to hide it on my counter in my pretty bread box.

I picked up this bread box at a thrift store for $4 dollars.

My usual weapon of choice to paint with is spray paint, but I couldn't get the door off this thing for the life of me!
So I used some plain old acrylic craft paint with a sponge brush:

I didn't sand it, I didn't prime it, I went straight to painting! (luckily I remembered to take a before picture before I got too carried away)

I gave everywhere 2 coats of paint; except the middle section...

There, I decided to add some scrapbook paper with modge podge.

I gave the front of the box a quick glazing with some black glaze.

Spray painted the wooden knob with Oil Rubbed Bronze.
Sealed it all with a few coats of Polycrylic...
And was left with this:

 I love how the scrapbook paper is the same shape as the cut out wood design.
I don't even think I planned it that way.

 I love how the wood grain still shows through the paint

My toaster fits perfectly on top of it.
Which means there's less counter space being taken up by multiple items.
Which means less clutter.
Which means SANITY!


  1. That is an awesome makeover! I love the color & the scrapbook paper! Great job!

  2. I love the idea of redoing a bread box. How simple is that?! I have had the same wouden one on my counter for 20 years. Never once thought of painting it! Know what I will be doing with it in the next few weeks!

  3. I have a couple of the metal 70s era bread boxes that I have wanted to do over, but I haven't yet dared. Yours looks great! Visiting from TT&J link up.

  4. This looks very professional and gorgeous! Come see the Ferris Bueller chairs I just did.

  5. I featured you this week! Come check it out and grab a button!


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