Friday, September 23, 2011

Pinspiration Accomplished

Have you seen this quote describing Pinterest before? {I found it on, well, Pinterest} 

I saw it a while back, thought it was humorous, but then became determined to not let it happen to me!  I have already done a few things that I found the inspiration and ideas for on Pinterest.  One of them was this hairstyle:
I actually did something similar to this to my hair!  Twice!  And neither time did I think to get a picture of it.  But, I never would have thought to try it if I didn't see this picture.

Another project I did was make some flip-flop hangers.  Remember when I shared this picture?

We have some awkward space in the corners of our closet where we can't really hang clothes and there is wasted room.  Since I might have a wholelotta shoes, I figured I should try to use that space! 

I had a broken pants hanger one day that I was about to throw away, when I remembered the flip-flop hangers I had seen on Pinterest.  I did a test run on it and liked the way it worked so I asked for some pants hangers from the dry cleaners the next time I was there. And they gave them to me. For FREE. 

 So, here's what I did.  Take a hanger and break the papery part in half.  This just allows you to get it off a little easier.  You king of have to work at it a little, twisting it off.

After the paper part is off it will look like this:

 Then, just bend up each edge to the center, like this:

 And you're left with a cute, little hanger:

 Just slip your shoes inside and you're good to go!

 Soooo easy!  I didn't have to cut any wire and it took about 2 minutes per hanger.  They are definitely not as cute as the ones that Jen did on EPBOT; but they function and they hide in the corners of my closet!  What a great way to conceal those seasonal shoes!

So there!  That's at least two things that I've actually done something with from Pinterest.  I need to get in the kitchen next and re-create some of that yummy food I've found!

Have you done anything with the inspiration you find?  If not, remove yourself from the computer for a bit and DO IT! :)

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  1. Hurray for finding your pin-speration and DOING it :) I have millions of pins and have somehow only managed to complete like 5 of them (all recipes hahaha). Maybe I'll pick a few more to tackle now after reading this. Thanks!


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